Go 2 Kingdom Kids is an interactive reality method for teaching children values and principles that set them all up to be united in a good standard for living. Choosing these values and embracing them from a young age will make people relate to each other and live life in harmony by loving, respecting, sharing and caring for each other.

Our platform introduces good practical values by offering a range of colouring books which focuses on each value principal in depth.

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By completing these colouring books, your little one will have heard about the basic valuable lesson and will choose to embrace the knowledge. The Kingdom Kid can then embrace the opportunity to share their practical testimony on our social platforms.

Go 2 Kingdom Kids now offer a day care based in Tedderfield, Johannesburg South. The day care currently caters for babies and toddlers from 4 months up to 3 years of age. We have a limit on our intake. Our care taker is dedicated to maintain a routine with the kids, and she keeps the facility cleaned and sanitized throughout the day. Our staff is trained to work with kids from 0-5 to ensure that their milestones are being met. They also undergo yearly training such as first aid to ensure that our kids are in safe hands should an unpleasant situation arise. Their principal is also on-site to transport children to the hospital or doctor should need be. If you’re looking for a day care team that is as committed as you are at home, Go 2 Kingdom Kids is the place for you!  



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