Go 2 Kingdom Kids is an exclusive nursery school and day care centre based in Tedderfield, Johannesburg South. We offer pre-school classes for Grade R (Ages 5-6) , Grade RR (Ages 4-5) and Grade RRR (Ages 3-4).

We welcome all babies and toddlers from 2 months up to 6 years of age.

Our teachers use a fun, interactive curriculum, namely GROW , to certify that all children reach their age appropriate milestones.

Each soul matters to us.

We use our SCREAM colouring book range to teach and promote good social and moral values.

Our facility is exceptionally clean and is sanitized regularly.

All our staff undergo frequent first aid training to ensure they’re ready for any situation that may arise. All staff also have police clearance.

Our team is committed to create ‘a home away from home‘ Go 2 Kingdom Kids is the place for you!

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Go 2 Kingdom Kids has its own colouring book range called SCREAM. This is an interactive reality method for teaching children values and principles that set them all up to be united in a good standard for living. Choosing these values and embracing them from a young age will make people relate to each other and live life in harmony by loving, respecting, sharing and caring for each other.

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